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Each week, we’ll be updating the website with photos from our latest shoots along with advice and links to many of the items featured. Yet with a shoot yet to be printed, we thought we’d start the new year with a countdown of the top ten ‘trends’ forecasted for 2010. Agree or disagree, they are all hitting the high street this Spring, but the question is – how long will they last?

1. Feathers
As the winter chills begin to wane, a lighter alternative to fur has been hitting the High Street in all shapes and forms. From feather jackets to Topshop’s Ostrich skirt, feathers have become the new way to accessorize this Spring – check out Fearne Cotton’s cape on the Top of the Pop’s Christmas edition.
Feather Bag, Topshop, £55

2. Barbour
Barbour has always held the position as a luxury sporting brand, supplying many a royal with its outdoor clothing. However in the last 5 years, new direction and improved marketing from Lord James Percy’s involvement has led Barbour to modernize parts of its collection and aim itself at a younger audience. Their wax jackets and quilted coats are proving to be a must-have amongst the stylish; with Glastonbury’s 40th anniversary this Summer, expect the Barbour to be adding itself to the Hunter-welly-wearing brand conscious backpack. 

Find online at www.outdoorandcountry.co.uk

3. Pastels
Embrace Spring this year with pastels and nudes that retain a feminine touch. Lace, still the fabric of the moment, is no longer restrained to black and navy – instead pinks, creams and whites offer the chance to invest in a trend that will carry from the opaque tights of January to the bare legs of June.
Pink Lace Dress, New Look, £30

4. Sail away
The oceans continuously inspire fashion and clothing, but forget the all-and-out navy trend of 2007 (anchor prints and sailor-inspired jackets anyone?) and think more yachts, the Riviera and sailing in St. Tropez. Tailored blazers and shorts mixed with the silk scarves and flimsy fabrics. Pastels mixed with sharp blues and turquoises will freshen up any wardrobe come summer.
Blazer, Topshop, £65

5. Stripes and polka dots
Fashion has always had a love affair with stripes and spots – just walk into any High Street store right now and you’ll be spot at least 5 different takes on the blue and white striped jumper. The key to this Spring’s trend is classic and subtle: from Topshop’s black and white dotted playsuit to Summer’s swimwear collections, keep the palette simple – blues, blacks, greys, whites and creams are the colours of understated glamour.
Polka Dot Body, Dorothy Perkins, £16

Fringing is one of those trends that keeps coming back, but never really makes an impact. The problem with fringing is that you can either get it very very right, or look like a saloon girl from a bad Western. Always keep to one item of fringing per outf

it and if it’s not an accessory, make sure it’s all over fringing – one line of fringing does little for the item or the wearer, it’s the all-over effect that you want. For dresses and skirts, keep the silhouette simple with long layers. For jackets, make sure any arm fringe is no longer than 3 inches of your arm.
Dip dye Fringed Tunic, Topshop, £55

7. Structured court
The ballet pump has seemed to have gone from strength to strength in the fashion stakes each year, with continual redesigns of bows, ankle straps, studs and sequins – or at least, until the winter weather sets in. But this year’s introduction of the brogue at an affordable price, meant that for most, feet did not have to be constantly wrapped up in b

oots every day to avoid being wet. But as we move into Spring, the structured court and the kitten heel provide a new alternative to the flat. Ditch the £5 pumps of Primark, and give your feet some proper support this Spring – a new way of, quite literally, growing up.
Court shoes, £55, Topshop

8. Statement T-Shirts
The slogan t-shirts of Katharine Hamnett provided great inspiration for the ‘shout-out’ t-shirts of 2007/2008, with some persisting into 2009. But now is the time of the statement t-shirt – a retro expression of our childhood. Classic T.V shows such as Top of the Pops and Saved By The Bell , icons and brands such as the Sugar Puff monster and Paddington Bear and even travel destinations from Paris to London have been immortalised in material form.
Grab yours from www.truffleshuffle.co.uk T-shirt, £25

9. Socks
Once again, one of those trends that never really fully make it – will 2010 be the year of the sock? Burberry’s Prorsum collection heavily featured black socks in 2009, but this year’s Spring/Summer collection has gone a few shades lighter and is dominated by beige. Three tips to getting it right: stick to high ankle socks for a flattering look (no knee/thigh highs), always wear with heels and keep the sock-shoe colour combination complimentary – clashing bright colours Ugly Betty style is not a good idea. The final question is, to open-toes or to close toe? We personally think open is the only way to go.

10. The power dress
Where would 2009 have been without Hervé Legér? Furthermore, how would the celebrities have coped without Mouret’s Galaxy dress or Victoria Beckham’s Carmontelle dress? However late 2009 has also seen the rise in popularity of Preen’s power dress – with fans from Amy Wine

house to Rihanna, the oh-so-very tight dress has taken bodycon and structure, mixed them together and formed what only can be beheld as a ridiculously flattering dress for any shape and any style – oh yes, power to the women. Sadly with a price tag of around £700, we will be waiting for the High Street copies that will hopefully to follow in 2010.