Sam Martin
Christ Church, Geography

About: Leeds-based, full of chat, Pres of Cardies and HerbSoc (and therefore uber-lad) would like to meet a caring mum replacement to keep him grounded during all-you-can-drink events…or a girl with quite big boobs.

He said: Felicity introduces herself as from Wales and – in her own words – from one of the relatively uninhabited valleys. These are not the words you wish to hear on a blind date. Origins aside however, she is fun and charismatic, armed with invaluable hitch-hiker anecdotes involving lesbian fifty year olds and older men carrying pictures of their dead wives. Aspirations of immigrating to French Polynesia are refreshingly original and reveal a confident character unafraid of life after Oxford. Park End war stories helped our time together pass unnoticed. Felicity comes across as an entertaining and intelligent Jerichite. Unfortunately, her Magdalen College love affair, and 4th year finals make a second date unlikely. I hope however, that she doesn’t retire to the library too soon…

Banter: Amicable
Looks: Doable
Personality: Likeable
2nd date? Pursuable

Fizzy Emmett
St Hugh’s, Classics

About: A gorgeous fourth-year cheerleader with an attitude seeks a man who will keep up with her mental (and physical) capabilities. Already entangled in a romance, but her willingness to explore knows no limits.

She said: It wasn’t a standard trip to the Grand Café – trudging through snow, an awkward hello to a stranger and an immediate pose for the invasively large Cherwell camera. As is inevitable in a conversation with a stranger, we didn’t veer off the path of amusing anecdotes into revealing debate; not necessarily a bad thing, but there wasn’t enough soul-searching for us to be soul mates. Neither of us had opted for the comfort of a stiff drink, so perhaps the question and answer format of the conversation would have developed with the addition of a gin or two, but given the sobriety our date was unexpectedly relaxed and by the end I’d forgotten that it was our first meeting. Sparks didn’t fly, but I had fun and with a shared love for Park End (because let’s face it, we all love Park End) there’ll undoubtedly by that gin-fuelled chat some time soon.

Banter: 7/10
Looks: 7/10
Personality: 8/10
2nd date? For a chat, not a liaison!

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