Blind Date is kindly sponsored by the Oxford Retreat, open for lunch, supper and drinks at 1 Hythe Bridge Street.

Him: Simon Millar, Lincoln, PPE

Overworked finalist trying hard not to be thrown out of Oxford. Claims to have slept with 300 women. Looks for a young lady of his dreams to sweep him off his feet.

Hannah White is like a softly flowing mountain stream. Her delicate and effervescent beauty gently ebbed across the dark wooden table of the Oxford Retreat and trickled over me throughout the length of our three and a half hour supper, on its course leaving us doused with the faint scent of a burgeoning intimacy and mutual regard.

Her bubbling conversational style heavily laced with Brasenose banter more than surpassed my expectations of the evening, given by the many references to Park End seen in the first Cherwell Blind Date of the term, and fully justified her reputation as one of Oxford’s most eligible bachelorettes and convivial supper companions.

Despite my concerns that her affections were wandering away with the rugged handsomeness of our waiter, I very much hope that we will have the opportunity to see each other again.

Looks: Enchanting

Chat: Esoteric

Personality: Entertaining

2nd Date? Of Course

Her: Hannah White, Brasenose, Classics

Brasenose women’s football captain. Thinks herself quite funny and would like to find at least one person who agrees. Allergic to everything (except men…hey, hey).

Known as “little bunny” to his family, there was nothing obviously small about 6’2 Simon Millar.

During our three and a half hour marathon date Simon pulled out all the stops: allowing our waiter to order the wine for him and ordering confit of duck in a French accent… Who doesn’t love a continental?

Whilst, on occasion, I was distracted by the said waiter, Simon kept me on my toes with some excellent lines, including some classics which I later found out are used in “The Game”.

Despite my attempts to play footsie throughout our date, Simon managed to resist my advances. Ah well, better luck next time.

Banter: Unforgettable

Looks: Breathtaking

Personality: Addictive

2nd Date? Absolutely

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