Caroline Povah
Christ Church, Psychology

Her: 2nd year Psychologist promised a ‘night of fun’ by her journo-hack of a roommate. With too many drunken anecdotes to tell, she’s looking for the boy that will laugh with her, not at her…

After several attempts of awkwardly posing to have a photo taken, Charlie and I were left hovering at the bar. His enthusiasm for the half price cocktails lasted two rounds of drinks, until he decided to change to a beer in an attempt to exert his manliness. The conversation was easy throughout, and I particularly enjoyed his expressed love of ‘Pop Star to Opera Star,’ despite weak attempts to claim that this was only procrastination from his work. He was very polite, and always made sure that he wasn’t about to offend me before he launched unprovoked into an opinionated debate. Two hours and three drinks later Charlie bid me a swift goodbye, and I realised I’d had a surprisingly good evening. Turns out these hacks aren’t that bad after all…

Banter: Entertaining
Looks: Easy on the eye
Personality: Likeable
2nd date? Never say never

Charlie Holt

Him: Generally confused Union ex-President and finalist seeks an excuse not to do any work on a Sunday night and to fill the hungover void that X-Factor once filled.

While there was, thankfully, no journalist sitting discretely in the corner scribbling notes as I tried my best chat (cringe), the prospect of an intense written-up report was unavoidably present on our minds on arrival. What better way of forgetting this awkward fact and creating an illusion of normality than a trip to a cocktail bar? Even without the social lubrication of alcohol, however, Caroline was a friendly and immediately likeable person who was clearly as apprehensive as I was about the whole thing. We got on well and conversation was natural and easy. I learnt a lot about the wonders of Guildford, psychology and the dark secrets of Christ Church. All in all, surprisingly good fun – and yes, even better than the X Factor.

Banter: We covered a lot
Looks: Comfortably out of my league
Personality: Good fun
2nd date? Doubtful. Despite being fun