A motion has been passed by St John’s College JCR and MCR in favour of adopting a tortoise as a College pet.

Undergraduates are now awaiting final approval from college authorities before purchasing the animal which will inhabit the College gardens and ‘boost the collegiate spirit’.

Commenting on the new addition to St John’s, JCR President Martha MacKenzie commented, “Everyone was very enthusiastic about getting a pet… The MCR went on to pass a motion in favour of a tortoise so it was brought back this week and there was much excitement. The motion passed without any objections and with lots of enthusiasm!”
St John’s student Rachel Dedmen stated “We chose a tortoise because they are relatively low maintenance, and could live quite happily in our gardens, with dedicated Tortoise Reps to guard their welfare.”

She added, “The tortoise will only enrich the St John’s experience, and quickly be a source of College pride – taking part in the annual Corpus Tortoise Race – and becoming a figure in St John’s history, (it will outlive all of us).”

Jeremy Evans, also a student at St John’s College stated “I’m fairly neutral to the tortoise”, but commented “The extent to which it would alter my St John’s experience would probably be going to see it once or twice.”

Though funds are yet to be finalised it has been agreed that the start-up expenses, as well as an annual running cost, will be shared between the JCR and the MCR.

It is hoped that the tortoise will help to create closer ties between the JCR and the MCR.