Alex Sheppard, Wadham

Alex’s Fashion Statement: I don’t really think about fashion deeply, but I don’t want to blend in – I like standing out. It’s often part of who you are. If you spend the money, you should spend it on something you like. It’s all about your interests.

A realm often left to the catwalks and shows of Paris and Milan, men’s fashion has often lacked in the enthusiasm and glamour that womenswear brings. Yet with icons such as Tom Ford – model, designer and a very good-looking man – proves that you can have it all – and always in style. From choosing a well-tailored coat to a scuffed pair of military boots, the stereotypical outfit of hoodie-jeans-trainers can be left for those ‘essay-crisis’ days spent in the library. Instead, branch out – from Topman to Zara Men, a bit of knitwear (particularly striped nu

mbers) can go a long way, whilst well-placed accessories such as watches and scarves can add an eclectic feel to any shirt/skinny jean combo.