An anonymous letter sent to Christ Church authorities has warned of a “considerable drugs culture” in the college, including the supply of Heroin.

The college Censors, deputies to the Dean, circulated an email among the student body last week with the subject “Urgent warning concerning drugs”.
It cautioned students against the use and supplying of drugs following the anonymous allegations.

“The law applies just as rigorously within college as elsewhere,” the message said. “The Censors have neither the power nor the wish to protect anyone who breaks it.”

Christ Church students have acknowledged drug use within the college, though those contacted by Cherwell expressed their surprise at the mention of Heroin in the email.

“There are quite a few people on it [drugs],” said one Christ Church third year, who asked to remain anonymous.

He denied that Heroin dealing or abuse took place in the college.

“I was pretty shocked about the Heroin”

“It looks like some nutter coming in, seeing a few people looking rough, and saying they’re all smack-heads. It’s palpably false – there is no Heroin in Christ Church.”

“There are quite a few other drugs going round,” he said, “but then Christ Church is a big college.”

The email, signed by the junior Censor Ian Watson said, “the Censors received an anonymous letter alleging the existence in Christ Church of a considerable drugs culture, including the supplying of class A drugs such as heroin.”

It continued, “The letter named one individual. The police, whom the Censors consulted…have advised that this letter does not in itself constitute usable evidence with which to start an investigation.”

“I was pretty shocked about the Heroin,” said another third year undergraduate, who asked not to be named. “I really wouldn’t say [drugs] are a big thing, especially compared to other colleges.”

Lou Stoppard, a student at the college, told Cherwell that there was a feeling of “confusion” around the allegations of the supplying of Heroin.
“I was a bit surprised. It seemed like an over-enthusiastic Censor being over-dramatic,” she said. “The email was a bit extreme, a bit intense.”

“Maybe there’s a clique that uses Heroin that everyone’s oblivious to…it’s the kind of thing that does get reported.”

The Censors were contacted for a comment on the issue, but did not respond.