‘Blind Date’ is kindly sponsored by the Oxford Retreat, open for lunch, supper and drinks at 1 Hythe Bridge Street.

Jade Mansell, Pembroke, English

Vivacious blonde 2nd year with scintillating chat, bored of Bridge intrigues, looking for her Romeo (but hopefully without the double suicide ending)

When I first found out my friends had entered me for a blind date I nearly killed them, but this wasn’t necessary because I had a great night! It started off a bit dodgily since Jacob was waiting inside the Oxford Retreat, and I was waiting outside, and it took us a while to work out we were one another’s dates. However once we got over that hitch it turned into a really nice date. The convo flowed easily; we had similar interests and a couple of mutual friends…I was surprised at how well we got on considering we were complete strangers! There was a bit of a battle at the end of the dinner when Jacob insisted on paying, but I insisted we go halves. However, it was very chivalrous of him, a rare quality these days! Though the notion of having your social skills rated by a stranger seems daunting, it was a laugh.

Banter: Witty and easy
Looks: Shall I compare Jacob to a summer’s day? (Yeah he was fit)
Personality: Affable
2nd date? Our paths will cross again

Jacob Sewell, Magdalen, Classics

Latent lad hoping for a reason to disprove the dictum that “the only thing that sustains one through life is the consciousness of the immense inferiority of everyone else.” (Oscar Wilde)

Our date began somewhat awkwardly when I left Jade standing in the freezing cold for twenty minutes (unintentionally), whilst I enjoyed a languid pint at the bar. Inside/outside confusion. Fortunately, I was forgiven and we sat down to a nice meal at the Oxford Retreat. Jade extemporised on her great love for Harry Potter and her cult status at her local school, whilst I chipped in with some auxiliary, and rather tepid chat. Fortunately my offer to pay the bill at the end of the meal (a calculated gamble) was rejected out of hand. Win. All in all, a fun evening and a good experience.

Banter: Lashings of chat
Looks: Striking
Personality: Bubbly
2nd date? The tour must go on…