Blind Date is kindly sponsored by the Oxford Retreat, open for lunch, supper and drinks at 1 Hythe Bridge Street.

Him: Winston Featherly-Bean, Harris Manchester, PPE

Itinerant Alaskan turned OxStu news editor, looking to mix business with pleasure and sleaze with clichés.

Our newspapers are rivals, apparently, and not always friendly ones. So when this paper suggested a blind date between editors, I gamely took up the chance to promote collegial relations. But my bosses warned of savage Cherwell trickery and I arrived at the Oxford Retreat just a little wary. No need. I was pleased to see that the alluring blonde loitering outside was, in fact, my date. Happily, she was rather better looking than my own newspaper’s beloved if stubbly chiefs – and lovely company too. Speed-talking engagingly through Into the Wild’s symbolism and the merits of Italian hospitals, Marta came across as driven but sweet. There were some unavoidable bits of typical first-meeting chat – she seemed determined not to allow a silent moment – but luckily the Cherwell’s beautiful editress was well worth getting to know.

Banter: Rapid & thoughtful

Looks: She could edit my copy…

Personality: We yanks would say “spunky”

2nd date? Crew date, dead ahead!

Her: Marta Szczerba St John’s, PPE

A fierce Cherwell Editor finishing her term, looking for someone who will fill in the void left by the newspaper, entertaining her intellectually (and probably physically too).

Wow, an OxStu person who doesn’t send me to sleep after 5 minutes! But admittedly, it took me a while to learn that Winston travelled all the way from vast and cold Alaska to Harris Manchester, shooting a commercial for McDonald’s in Indonesia along the way. I can’t deny that the two hours we spent in Oxford Retreat were intense. I was relieved when I learnt that yes, Winston has good skills of riposte and that I wasn’t alone throwing misunderstood remarks at the other party, which happens more often than not. After probing him on why he joined OxStu (‘Cause I thought Cherwell is better so I can contribute to OxStu more’ ) we only had two or three moments of genuine awkward silence. Overall, Winston proved to be a lovely dinner companion, but let’s face it: romance between the two papers would never work.

Banter: Sharp

Looks: Lives up to the name

Personality: Refreshing

2nd date? OxStu/Cherwell crew date