Blind Date is kindly sponsored by the Oxford Retreat, open for lunch, supper and drinks at 1 Hythe Bridge Street.

John Harwell,
Maths, Jesus

Fresh-faced fresher and gold-star gay, badly masquerading as a mathmo, coerced into this sordid state of affairs…

Armed with an amalgamation of skepticism and apprehension that manifested itself as tardiness, I arrived in a f

luster, to be met by a face I recognised from a queer discussion circle I had attended a few nights before. Conversing with someone you know to be vastly more informed and articulate than yourself is no easy task, but I managed to stand my ground as the conversation flowed from awkward “I know you, but not really” introductions to experiences resulting from our (now discarded) Catholic upbringings; from American congress and voting behaviour to the political implications of economic growth. Dining with Joe was incredibly enjoyable; I invited him to drinks afterwards, my skepticism having all but vanished.

Chat: Engaging
Looks: Charming, but lacks ‘grr’
Personality: Rigorous
2nd date?

Joe Renzullo,
PPE, St. John’s

Quirky 2nd year seeks someone with whom to share the joys of crap
television and the absurdity of the universe – perhaps the odd bit of
home-made brioche, as well.

After quite nearly making an ass of myself by being late – turned out we both were – we sat down to a meal at the Opium Den on George St. The dinner conversation was lovely and I decided to go with him to LGBTsoc drinks afterward (the essay could wait…) Time flew by, and we exchanged numbers at the end of the night. Definitely turned out better than I’d feared – particularly with respect to the absence of a prying journalist at the table!

Banter: Wide-ranging
Looks: Attractive
Personality: Modest
2nd date?