One in three female university students would work in a gentleman’s club to fund their degree and lifestyle, new research has revealed.

Results show that 72% of female students would model in their underwear if they needed extra money. 61% said they have felt “desperate” for money whilst studying.

Despite the 34% of female students who said they would work in a gentleman’s club to pay for their studies, just 3% said they would make a living out of the career once they graduated. When asked “Why did you choose to work in a gentlemen’s club?” 48% said it was “easy money” and 19% said it offered a “quick solution to financial problems”.

These statistics were revealed in a survey of 1,022 female university students. The survey was carried out by, a company that helps businesses and individuals recruit students for part-time employment during their degree.

Of those who took part in the survey, 18% said they knew someone who worked in an exotic dance club whilst studying for their degree. One in twenty said they would work as an escort to earn money while at university.

OUSU Women’s Campaign Officer, Yuan Yang noted that “despite Oxford having a brilliant bursary system, many students are still desperate to fund their studies. To my knowledge the Women’s Campaign has not been contacted by female students looking for advice and help on how to work in the sex industry”.

The community outcry against Thirst Lodge’s recently-acquired license to operate as a lap-dancing club shows, says Yang, that “Oxford students and residents are opposed to the creation of jobs that often entail maltreatment and sexual harassment for those employed and support the ongoing sexual objectification of all women in society”.

Sue Harrison, co-founder of, commented, “When students are away from home and trying to show their independence, they may well consider doing things that they don’t really want to so they can afford their independent lifestyle…They must also understand that their own safety is of paramount importance.”

OUSU Graduate Women’s Officer, Nishma Doshi said, “Students are facing massive debts due an increase in fees, higher living costs and high unemployment. The lack of government funding, particularly in graduate education has forced those unemployed to take on employment which takes less of their time and plays well, even if it means that they would not enjoy these jobs.”

Oxford University discourages students from working during term time, and feels that if students are experiencing financial difficulty, they should take up the financial support that is widely available through colleges and the University.

A third year law student at Oxford said, “This survey ought to have been put to boys as well. Financial difficulties do not just face women. While it is a shame that they have to demean themselves, I don’t think the plight of males should be ignored.

“If people want to strip they should be allowed. If they have the time to strip then they have the time to get a proper job, like working in a café for example. I can’t imagine the pay would be much different”