Blind Date is kindly sponsored by the Oxford Retreat, open for lunch, supper and drinks at 1 Hythe Bridge Street.

Christina Haremi,
Magdalen, Law

Restless lawyer, with no sense of time, space or direction (“Never Eat Shredded Wheat”), looking for a man to lead the way.

Tom was in sheer awe when I ordered spiced calf liver to match his fish dish. This revelatory moment aside, we had a mammoth conversation, most of which seemed to boil down to a “gap yah” (not mine), immigration (mine) and the girl from college whom I thought Robert Pattinson was dating (but apparently isn’t).
As the Oxford Retreat grew awkwardly empty, we set off to find somewhere new to continue sharing views on now increasingly abstract topics but ended up in Magdalen looking for the deer, which much to our disappointment were not wearing flashing midnight light bulbs.
In spite of the fact that, throughout the walk back, Tom was patently making fun of my bike basket (very handy for groceries), I had a lovely time and a yummy piece of liver.

Banter: PG-13
Looks: Attractive
Personality: Refreshing & genuine
2nd date? Potentially

Tom Martin,
Wadham, Physics

Perennially searching Physicist, loves world peace, walks on the beach and the house terrapin,  seeks reckless arts student to liven up the long Oxford summer.

The date began with the obligatory photo but thankfully this seemed to be the last awkward moment of the evening.  Once I had bumblingly ordered a bottle of house white the conversation started to flow almost as quickly as the wine. We sauntered effortlessly from Oxford to travel to impressions of a Greek father (a personal highlight) in a well-choreographed conversational dance with Christina gently taking the lead and me happily following. 
Once three hours had trickled by we attempted to find a place to go for a drink but nowhere came through for us so after a fruitless search we went our separate ways, she back to college and I back home to what seemed like a round of 20 questions from over-keen house-mates before I eventually lay down on my Big Fat Greek Bedding (see what I did there?). 

Banter:  Intense, flowing
Looks: Mediterranean, arresting
Personality: Engaging, vivacious
2nd date? Watch this space…