5th: Heed the Rhyme

We’ve heard them all before: ‘don’t mix the grape and the grain’; ‘beer then wine, I feel fine, wine then beer, I feel queer.’ Let’s face it: if it rhymes, it’s probably true. So arrange your next night around such tested dictums as “beer then sherry, you’ll be merry”

4th: Dioralyte

Yes, Dioralyte is traditionally used for diarrhoea (gross), but if taken before you sleep it work wonders at replacing the bodily fluids lost due to alocohol poisoning, helping relieve many of the symptoms of a hangover come morning.

3rd: Resolve & Berocca

The magic combination. Resolve is sold in the UK as a stomach settler, and the mixture of paracetamol and antacid chemicals taken before bed helps with nausea. Follow it up with a hit of Berocca in the morning, which contains all the chemicals that are lost and destroyed during drinking.

2nd: Hair of the Dog

Not one I’m keen to try, but some swear by the benefits of a tot more alcohol in the morning. Especially if you’re still a bit drunk, and not really in the mood to stop. In reality, though, it only delays the breakdown of methanol (what makes you feel awful) until later on, and you begin writing drunk. Ideal.

1st: Water

The one and only. THAT headache is from dehydration, so start replacing the water your body has lost before you go to bed, and then get back on it as soon as you wake up. An alternative is to mix your own isotonic solution (research has shown that a poisoned digestive system can more easily absorb a salt solution than pure water). Put a spoonful of salt in your water followed by a splash of grape juice to mask the taste and increase the concentration.