Andrew Smith retained his seat in Oxford West in last week’s general election, beating the Liberal Democrat Steve Goddard by 4,581 votes.
The Liberal Democrat Dr Evan Harris lost his seat, which he has held for the last 13 years, to Nicola Blackwood of the Conservative Party in Oxford West and Abingdon.
Steven Goddard reflected on his loss to incumbent Andrew Smith, saying, “Well, I wish that my campaign had had access to the national injections of cash and resources that my opponent had from big business and the unions!”
The Conservatives gained 97 seats nationally, not enough to secure a majority. Instead a coalition has been formed with the Liberal Democrats after several days of post-election deal-making. Oxford East saw a swing on 4.1% from the Lib Dems to Labour.
The Green Party lost votes from 2005 in this seat, but UKIP and the Socialist Equality Party both gained votes. In Oxford West and Abingdon there was a swing of 6.9% from the Lib Dems to the Conservatives.