Charlie Guenther,
PPE, St. Anne’s

Ex-professional scuba diver and St. Anne’s visiting American looking for someone to spend nights out philosophizing the meaning of life etc.

Soon after greeting each other, my date and I were subjected to the obligatory “couple’s photo shoot” that clearly must be designed to rid the evening of all awkwardness. Although I was initially wary of Eloise after she informed me that her friend had recently been set up on an intentionally mis-matched blind date, after a gin and tonic or ten, my fears were assuaged, and we ended up having a great time chatting over dinner at the Oxford Retreat. The conversation flowed well throughout the evening and over the next few hours we covered a number of topics ranging from previous failed relationships to malevolent tutors. We found common ground after realizing that we both have sisters who are finalists at St. Andrews Uni. In fact, they actually had dinner a couple of weeks ago and talked about introducing us. Despite her penchant for changing men’s sexual preferences, I found Eloise’s stories amusing and her loquacious personality refreshing. Overall, it was a fun dinner, and I had a great time.

Chat: Rapid and entertaining
Looks: Fit
Personality: Outgoing
2nd date? Always a possibility

Eloise Morse,
Law, Teddy Hall

Walking disaster who doesn’t think she’s embarrassed herself enough yet this term, and thus requires Cherwell to do this for her

Having demanded to do blind date after one too many, I was concerned that the whole thing would turn out to be another cautionary tale against getting drunk. I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived to discover that the guy was really quite hot and besides being immediately forced into an über-contrived photo, it really wasn’t as mortifying as it could have been. This was no doubt aided by the fact that Charlie is a rower who actually has something to talk about other than rowing, and ready access to alcohol. But as that went down I forgot about the whole concept of the blind date, and may have said a few things I wouldn’t want to appear in a write up… So if I suddenly vanish after this publication, it’s because I’ve fled to South America until the heat dies down. Broadly speaking there was the American thing, we’ve both burnt bridges in St. Andrews and we are both quite loud. I’ve been on more awkward dates in Oxford with people I’ve actually opted to go out with, so I guess that means (among other things) it was a success?

Chat: Entertaining
Looks: Hot
Personality: Fun
2nd date? I wouldn’t say no