5th: Getting drunk

You want to be on top form for date number one. While you might need a drink to get the conversation going and take the edge off, your date will not be impressed if you fall off your chair, shatter your wine glass or start talking about your recent bout of chlamydia. Stay sober, and you’ll leave with your pride and reputation intact.

4th: Texting/calling

Checking your phone does not make you seem cool and popular, you’ll come across as uninterested, uninteresting and rude. Picking up a call is even worse, and making a call is just an invitaiton for your date to get up and leave. Taking two hours away from your Blackberry might not be a bad thing.

3rd: Two-for-one vouchers

We’re all for saving money, but this is not the place to do it. If you can’t afford dinner, go for coffee or perhaps a cheeky amble in the Botanical Gardens, but saying you’ll check on studentbeans and organize your date around the half an hour time frame in which Yo! Sushi has 25% off kind of kills the romance.

2nd: Ex chat

No one wants to hear about your boy/girlfriend, good or bad, or if you’re, like, totally over them. Start on a blank page and give the relationship a chance, without making your date feel like they’re being constantly compared to an Ambercrombie and Fitch model whose father owns eBay.

1st: Food choice

Girls, avoid anything phallic. You categorically CANNOT eat a banana, ice lolly or sausage without either suggesting you’re a porn star or have bad technique.
Boys, sloppy eating style augurs sloppiness in other areas. So avoid anyhing resembling spaghetti.

Other things to bear in mind: ordering a margherita pizza will make you appear dull, and there is nothing less attractive than a girl picking at a salad.
Finally, beware of anything with garlic or onions if you are gunning for that first date kiss.