They said they would be willing to do it again, and ‘do it’ they did. Apparently neither was too worried about putting out on the second date, which happened only two days later. Recent reports suggest that Bridge was only worth the five minute pit-stop before Eloise was lured back to Charlie’s frat-pad.


A rather chaste romance blossomed shortly after Christina and Tom’s first date. A close friend of Tom’s tells Cherwell ‘it was all very sweet and innocent, a bit of kissing here and there, but after a fateful trip to the Magdalen garden show they have since gone their separate ways.’ However Cherwell hopes a reconciliation may be on the cards.


A shock rustication from Simon stopped an inevitable (?!) romance in its tracks. Many believe Simon has taken the time out to recover from his undoubted heartbreak after these two went their separate ways straight after the date (and were never seen together again). Let’s hope absence has made the heart grow fonder…

RACHEL and MARK – Off!

It didn’t take long before the self proclaimed ‘ChCh Big Dog’ revealed himself to be a Love Rat. A St. Hugh’s insider tells Cherwell ‘Mark had promised to buy Rachel a drink at Bridge, which basically means they were going to get off, but then he pulled her best friend at Park End the night before who then brought him back to college.’ Apparently Rachel bumped into Mark trying to sneak out of college the next morning unnoticed. AWKWARD.