A bloody night at Fuzzy Ducks


A student was violently attacked at Fuzzy Ducks this week, as bar staff looked on, and students who tried to report the assault were thrown out of the club.

Two Christ Church students witnessed the assault, which took place in the early hours of Thursday.

Hannah Cutmore-Scott, a third year Engineer at Christ Church, said, “I was standing on the dance floor in Fuzzy Ducks and I felt like I was being sprayed with water. I looked down and my hands and arms were covered in blood; I had no idea where it was coming from.
“I looked around and I saw this guy being beaten up on the dance floor, about a metre away from where I was standing. It was really shocking and awful, I have never seen anything like it in a central Oxford club”

Another eyewitness confirmed that the victim was being punched in the face, and that blood was pouring out of his head, nose and mouth.
The two Christ Church students went to the bar to alert staff about the assault. However they found that the woman at the bar refused to call anyone for help, or give them a glass of water to wash the sprayed blood off their bodies.

Shortly after this, a bouncer arrived and took the victim outside, at which point the crowd dispersed and the assailant ran away.
Georgia Lindsay, a third year English student at Christ Church who also witnessed the attack, said, “We wanted to report the assault, so we could give our statements as eye witnesses.

“So we asked the bouncer what we could do and who we could speak to. He just told us to go back in and dance.”

The students then went outside to see if the police had arrived, so that they could give a witness statement directly. However, they were told by the bouncer outside that “no one is interested” and were barred from re-entering the club.

Cutmore-Scott said, “the bouncer was so rude to us, we told him we were only trying to help and he threw us out”.

Shortly after the assault had taken place, the victim said that he could not remember how he had incurred his facial injuries.
He told the police later that evening that he was unsure whether he was punched or whether he had fallen over.

A spokesperson from Thames Valley Police said “An incident was reported at 12.58am on Wednesday 27th October. An officer on routine control in Cowley Road was stopped by door staff at the O2 Academy.

“There was a male with a blood covered face, who said he could not remember if he was assaulted or fell over.

“Ambulances were called and he was taken to the John Radcliffe hospital. We have been trying to get in contact with him but have not heard from him since. We cannot fully investigate the case until the injured party gets in touch.”

Fuzzy Ducks is held every Wednesday night at the O2 Academy, at 190 Cowley Road. The night was voted by mens’ magazine FHM as being the easiest place to pull in the UK.

This week Fuzzy Ducks invited its guests to “Wear your favourite fancy dress and come enjoy the cheapest drinks…Let’s get ducked!”


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