Fancy yourself as a photographer?

A no-show from Vince Cable did not manage to deter Oxford students from protesting.

Do you have any pictures from the protest? If so why not send a few of your snaps into


Protesting – Joseph Carauna


Yelling – Joseph Carauna


Filming – Joseph Carauna


Shocking Brutality – Lauri Saksa


Let the Rad Cam hear it – Lauri Saksa


Message to the world – Lauri Saksa


Turn Oxford into Paris – Lauri Saksa


Confrontation – Lauri Saksa


Reinforcements – Jason Sengel


Disapproving – Jason Sengel


Anger – Alex Lunt


Barricade – Alex Lunt


Queue – Alex Lunt


Police Photographer – Jake Galson


Appeal for Calm – Sonali Campion


Cheif Agitator – Sonali Campion


It’s My Future – Sonali Campion


Rude – Urska Mali


Climbing a sign – Urska Mali


I agreed with Nick – Urska Mali


Interview – Niina Tamura