Name: Laura Wright

Role: Deputy

Who’s your fashion icon?

My mum, who is one of the most stylish people I have ever met. When I look back at photos of me and my sister when we were little, I can’t believe how cool our clothes were, and my mum was the one who dragged me out of my disastrously unfashionable teenage years. She’s bought me some of the best pieces in my wardrobe, and sometimes when she visits me in Oxford she’ll bring me a jumper or something from her wardrobe to borrow until the next visit – those are the best days!

Who’s your favourite designer?

I’m obsessed with Zadig & Voltaire and Isabel Marant, but my current favourite is probably Vanessa Bruno. I love the way that she manages to channel that relaxed yet chic French look, and she always uses the most beautiful prints.

Which shops would be on your fantasy High Street?

Definitely Topshop and Zara – they do some really fashionable clothes at affordable prices. Uniqlo and Gap for the basics, and H&M (as long as they’re collaborating with big designers such as Lanvin and Comme des Garçons).

What’s your favourite magazine?

Grazia – I rush out to buy it every Tuesday morning! The quality of fashion is outstanding for a weekly magazine, and it’s great for a quick update on all the latest trends. I love the fact that it is so accessible.

Who’s your favourite blogger?

There are so many great blogs out there, but I think my absolute favourite at the moment is Wallace Chapman’s Street and City Photos ( He takes the most beautifully natural photographs, and has such a great eye for interesting people. It’s a joy to look at, and one of the very first things I do when I wake up in the morning!

Favourite current trend?

Block neon colouring – if only I was brave enough to try it myself! When it’s done properly, it can look impossibly cool. A great place to start is with Zara’s range of brightly coloured skinny jeans.

Biggest fashion disaster? I had too many fashion disasters to remember during my early and mid-teens, but the biggest of them all was probably wearing far too much make-up. My P.E. teacher once handed me a tangerine because the colour of my face so closely resembled it! I think it probably scarred me for life because one of my biggest pet hates now is when people plaster themselves with make up. Natural beauty is one of the most fashionable things and will never go out of style!

In your opinion, where’s the most stylish place in Oxford?

Apart from my wardrobe? The Ashmolean. It combines the typical Oxford old with the ultra modern, something which works really well, and both the café and restaurant are great places to sit down with friends and drink and eat.

Top Tip:

The best piece of fashion advice ever given to me – ‘style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn’. Easier said than done I know, but I think we could all do with bearing this in mind!

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