Name: Inga Meladze

Role: Deputy Editor

Who’s your fashion icon?

Anna Dello Russo for her playfulness and Daphne Guinness for the dedication to her unique style.

Who’s your favourite designer?

Ah, there are so many! If I could wear haute couture every day I would choose Elie Saab as no other designer glorifies and celebrates woman’s body like he does through his impeccably crafted gowns. My eternal love for Marc Jacobs and Alber Elbaz grows with every new collection and from the newcomers I absolutely must mention Hakaan.

Which shops would be on your fantasy High Street?

My newfound obsession is surprisingly Topshop Unique. I don’t tend to shop at Topshop that often as their warm colour palette doesn’t suit my skin tone, but I recently bought a few Unique pieces and now regularly check out that line. I also love Zara for their great quality and H&M for summer dresses.

What’s your favourite magazine?

Vogue, without a doubt.

Who’s your favourite blogger?

Bryanboy! He always writes about the most interesting things in fashion and I also like the simple but very sleek layout of the blog.

Favourite current trend?


Biggest fashion disaster?

Ugg boots. They should all be burnt. I once bought a pair and even wore them for a couple of days until (thank God) my little sister took them from me. I still get nightmares about them.

In your opinion, where’s the most stylish place in Oxford?

Haven’t found one yet as I haven’t been in Oxford long, but I live in hope. 

Top Tip:

Never spend too much time on your outfit. I always find I look the best when I just throw a couple of things on really quickly, otherwise it looks like you put too much effort in it.