Kukui has announced that after  three years at the forefront of Oxford’s clubbing scene, it is closing down.

An event on their Facebook page reading “The end is nigh, Kukui is closing up shop” extinguished the final hopes of Kukui-lovers across Oxford.

The club has been a favourite with Oxford students since its launch in September 2008. The closing party on Saturday was advertised as a “closing down sale. Everything must go.”

When Cherwell asked why the club has decided to close down, Kukui representatives declined to respond. However, the declining popularity of their “Juice” student nights on Tuesdays coincided with Camera’s launch of Blues Tuesdays.

An inside source also conjectured, “after the mid-week student nights lost momentum, despite the immense popularity of weekend events such as Passport to Paradise on Saturdays, the operation was simply not economically viable given the high rent the proprietors were paying for the lease of the property.”

Lucy Crane, a diehard Teddy Hall Kukui fan, grieved its loss. She said, “What am I going to do now without the entertainment of the glowing pufferfish after I realise all the fit boys in the club have girlfriends?”
However, another student’s Facebook read “VIP in Kukui is a bit like sitting in Sudan’s airport lounge, not a surprise it’s closing.”

DJ Tony Nanton, who frequently plays at Kukui Oxford and their sister club Kukui Bournemouth, expressed his anguish over the closing of the club. He said, “we need a phoenix from these ashes. Kukui has allowed me to play the tracks that other DJs and clubs haven’t had the bottle to.

“I remember years ago when I first wanted to play Low by Lil Jon and the Eastside Boyz, and the manager told me there was no way I could do that, it would clear the floor. On Saturday night at the closing event I dropped that song and had to laugh when I saw the very same guy on the dancefloor and he looked over and gave me a humorous nod.

“That’s what Kukui did, they pushed boundaries. It’s a shame to see them closing for business.”
Varsity Events, who claim to “run all your favourite nights out in Oxford,” switched lanes to promoting Camera on

Tuesdays shortly before Kukui annnounced its closure. They officially announced they would host a “Pimms Party at Blues” at Camera Tuesdays on Tuesday 3rd May.

Advertisements for the event read, “With Juice coming to an end last term after a decade of keeping Oxford students suitably lubricated on a Tuesday night, we’re happy to announce we are now working with Camera!”

Dom Conte, company director of Varsity Events, told Cherwell, “Varsity Events have a long relationship with the management of Camera, and after Hilary decided that we could provide a better experience for our avid clubbers by moving our Tuesday to Camera.”

By the end of Hilary term, Varsity Events reportedly had only three reps actively working on Kukui promotions across the entire university.

A Varsity promoter commented, “it’s hard to push people to go to Kukui on a Tuesday when you yourself would rather go to Camera. With three Camera reps and more than 30 Exeter students at Camera last Tuesday, it’s safe to say our college love it there.”

A student from St. Hildas said, “Camera is easily my favourite club in Oxford. Coming from London, where the night life is remarkably different, I found Camera to be the closest to what I’m used to; classy appearance, sophisticated people, friendly staff and good music.”

Varsity Events have been making efforts to appeal to the same market. Their event last Saturday advertised, “Get set for the launch party for our brand new Saturday student night! To celebrate this occasion we’re bringing down a very special DJ from London! Finally – a taste of London in Oxford!”

Our inside source labelled it the “curse of No. 42 Park End street. A similar thing happened to Ocean and Collins  when they were forced to shut.” Ocean and Collins described itself as “Oxford’s sexiest nightclub” with nights given innuendo-ridden titles such as “Foreplay” and “Glamourpuss”.

It is unknown at present whether another entertainment venue will open to continue the tradition at No. 42.