When, not so long ago, the ankle boot first emerged as a statement piece in its own right (thank you Christian and Azzedine) I think it’s safe to say that the world was really quite sceptical. Lisa Armstrong summed it up perfectly: ‘not too many years ago the entire fashion desk at The Times abhorred the shoe-boot, deeming it the greatest enemy to leg enhancement since the jam doughnut’.  But as is so often the case in fashion, all it took was a few seasons before we all started to see sense.

I am just one of thousands of converts who have realised how flattering the ankle boot really is if you wear it in the right way. So for those of you who are still sitting on the fence (or on the wrong side of it), here is a guide on how to work this key trend throughout the whole year. And, if you manage to master it, then you will truly know what Marilyn Monroe meant when she said ‘give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world’.  



1. If you’re new to the trend, then my advice would be to wait for a relatively cool day before you launch yourself into it, for the simple reason that everything seems a lot less daunting when black opaque tights are involved!  A pair of black boots with a chunky block heel and platform at the front will go with absolutely anything, and coupled with the tights, will work wonders for leg length.




2. For a completely different take on the trend during the colder months go for a flat biker pair, couple them with your skinny jeans and leather jacket and hey presto – instantly cool and edgy.




3. Whilst this is certainly not for the faint-hearted, if you’ve got the legs for it then heeled black ankle boots can be carried over into the summer months.  These boots look great with bare and slightly tanned legs, and will go with anything from denim cut-offs to a white floaty dress.



4. But what about the less brave among us?  The golden rules are to match the colour of the boots with your skin tone and to keep the heel as high as possible – both contributing towards that leg-lengthening effect.  Keep your outfit relatively simple and floaty; if you’re wearing something like a tight mini then it has the potential to look a bit trashy.