Boat house broken into again


Lincoln College’s boathouse was broken into last Friday evening during what Thames Valley Police described as “an informal gathering of around 60 youths on the boathouse island.”

Christchurch meadow security patrols interrupted the incident and alerted police, but no arrests were made.
Members of the boat club reportedly came to the boathouse to help clear up soon after the college were alerted on Friday night.
Tom Lord, Secretary of Lincoln College Boat Club explained, “as far as we are able to tell nothing was stolen, although the door to the valuables cupboard was forced, nothing inside was taken.  Mainly the vandals just made a mess, smashing a window, but they were scared away by security before much damage could be done.
“Everything was insured and the only disruption to the boat club was that we had to be careful of the glass that was smashed the morning after.  We hope that a further break-in will not happen again, and hope that preventative security action will be taken to ward off against any further break-ins.

He added, “It will not have any effect on us for the rest of the week/term and we are now just focusing on Summer VIIIs this week.”
Another Lincoln rower said that, while rowing was able to continue as normal, “I went down for an outing the next day and there was broken glass from the door everywhere.”
The incident, which took place at 9.45pm on Friday night, is the second time this term that Lincoln boathouse has been broken into.
The first attack occurred during the evening of Saturday of 2nd week and resulted in extensive internal damage including smashed picture frames and bottles of alcohol spilt all over the floor although nothing was actually stolen.
This time neither of the two boathouses on either side of Lincoln’s, Queen’s and Oriel, were touched. Previously, Queen’s boathouse was broken into at the same time as Lincoln’s, and equipment was stolen.
The break-in came just days before the start of the Summer VIIIs Regatta in which Lincoln has entered seven boats.

As nothing was taken the offence is classed as criminal damage, and the investigation is still ongoing.


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