Almost 2 years ago someone at the Oxford Hub let their imagination run a little bit wild and saw a building on Turl Street in dire need of some love.  Fast forward and you join us now; a team of nebulous size, all former or current Oxford students, working towards a new home for not one, but seven charities.

Not to mention the Turl Street Kitchen, a new restaurant, cafe and bar with the imagination and quality that we all feel is pretty sorely needed in Oxford. A place that’s a bit like eating at your mate’s, if your mate still lived with his mum. And his mum was a great cook.

In this blog we, Hannah and Josh, will be your eyes and ears at the Turl Street Kitchen, letting you know just what it’s really like to open a catering business in Oxford.  We’ll fill you in on what we’ve done, what we’re doing and how you can get involved.


The key bit, first: what’s tricks?

16-17 Turl Street has been a few things over the last decade.   From fish restaurant to Indian eatery, a Stephen Fry inspired and funded private members club to the 8th best vodka bar in Britain. Now it’s being refurbished to create a home for Oxford Hub, the charity as well as some great events spaces, a library and the Turl Street Kitchen itself on the ground floor.  For more info on Oxford Hub and its work head to and follow their moves on this blog:

The Turl Street Kitchen is an all day den of eating and drinking serving a limited selection of ethical British food with loads of wine and beer, some of which is also British. It’s going to be full of comfy furniture and big tables that match a menu designed for sharing. Not too much on that stuff now, though, or we’ll have nothing to write for the next few weeks.

Until then, let’s introduce ourselves a bit more.

Josh is a recent graduate from Magdalen who after a year improving his Excel skills jumped at the opportunity to indulge his passion for food, furniture and finances in one happy package.

Hannah is an idealistic innocent from the North, who has been working on this  project since graduating from Keble last year.

Josh likes things whereas Hannah loves people, so together we combine to make one wonky world view.

Here are just some of the other cast members you will see appearing from time to time include:

Adam OB: General chief and one of the founding members of Student Hubs, Adamkeeps us all in check and makes sure our wilder ideas are kept grounded. Mostly. 

Rachel: Oxford Hub Manager and queen of all things design-savvy, Rachel also set up Oxford Hub all those years ago and is now at the helm of the flotilla, keeping us more ship shape than a canoe.

Genevieve: Our confident Canadian cadet, Gen is Oxford Hub’s president and general star, often seen running or rowing or being enthusiastic.

Tim HC: Trusted (and crucial) advisor, Tim brings fantastic experience to the team having set up a number of successful gastro-pubs in his time.

Doireann: Our green guru, Doireann is just in the process of finishing up a  Phd at Oxford, but will then be coming into the fold as our sustainability  officer from next year, making sure we know our compost bins from our water  butts.

So, join the ride and watch us go a bit mental trying to bring this vision together.