This week has been hectic to say the least and today was no exception to what is beginning to look like the rule of chaos that is running through my life. 

Basically, the first act of Noughts and Crosses is comprised of scenes involving the McGregor family and it has been really hard finding times when all the actors playing McGregor family members are free. Like a comet shooting through the sky, this morning was one of those rare occasions and I took full advantage of it by rehearsing every single scene in which the family are together in Act One. It was the first time that all the McGregor family were together for a rehearsal and with less than two weeks to go until opening night, my fears turned into excitement.

My nerves were not simmered down for long though: all the logistical, technical stuff that goes way over my head was brought up in the meeting with the LMH Simpkins Lee Theatre people. Along with the lack of marketing that we’ve done so far, and with only a full week to go before the performance dates, I was reminded that there is no rest for the wicked indeed. As long as everything logistical is prepared now, leaving time for any annoying nitty-gritty things to be dealt with next week, then all should be well. After the meeting, they let us look around the theatre: when I stood on the stage and looked up at the auditorium it all started to sink in- in a good butterflies-in-stomach way that is. Although the stage is a lot smaller than I anticipated, the projection screen is massive and will be great for all the pre-filmed scenes- size does matter in this instance.

G and Ds have agreed to make a special ice-cream flavour for the play: after a very short moment of deliberation with the friendly G & Ds guy Marcus, we decided on white chocolate with dark chocolate chips. I’ve never tasted white chocolate ice-cream before and anyone else who is a white-chocolate virgin should come and check out the play just for the ice-cream alone! Plus, if bad reviews and low ticket sales make the production a failure, at least I’ll have some comfort food to help ease the pain. Touch wood, fingers crossed etc.