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This time of year is for socialising and everyone wants to look their best. Buying dresses can be expensive, but there is another way. Renting your dress can be the easiest way to look great in designer, make sure no one else is going to be sporting the same outfit as you, and most importantly, save a bit of cash. So whether you have a Christmas party to attend or a New Year bash to tear up, or are even already panicking about dresses for balls coming up in Hilary and Trinity, companies like Wish Want Wear can be a great option.



As featured in the Keble ball shoot in Cherwell at the end of Michaelmas 2011, Wish Want Wear is a designer dress rental company set up by three women, fed up of forking out their student budgets on their clothes’ obsession, who decided to provide an affordable option for girls to wear stunning dresses by designers they could not usually afford to buy. They have a selection of new season dresses from brands such as Temperley London, Halston Heritage, sass&bide and Catherine Malandrino – so you never have to be seen wearing the same dress twice.



Choosing a dress on a budget is always a dilemma. Finding elegant full length dresses from high street chains is tricky but guaranteeing that no one else will have found the same dress is impossible. Furthermore, the dresses on sale often cost anywhere between £100 and £200, a vast amount to spend on a student budget, particularly given that no girl wants to wear the same dress to the same event 3 years running.



WWW deliver the dress direct to your door and you can select an alternative size for free, so if one doesn’t fit you won’t be left without an outfit for your event. After wearing, all you need to do is slip the dress back in the prepaid package and take it down to the post office. WWW even take care of the dry cleaning for you.



WWW lent the Cherwell dresses for the Keble Ball fashion shoot and this Hilary WWW stylists will be coming up to Oxford with a selection of dresses in various sizes from the site to try on at our “Dress Clinics”, free of charge. If you then decide to rent a WWW dress Keble Ball guests will receive an exclusive discount, making your dream dress even more affordable.



To get you started, here’s a Christmas present: you can get 10% off all rentals using the discount code KIRAUDANGELCAM3SD05, until your ball discount arrives!



Wish Want Wear is running a new “Angels” initiative at universities across the country. Angels act as student representatives for the company on campus, organising events and promoting WWW to fellow students. They also get invaluable access to internships at WWW, and for every customer they bring they receive credit, effectively giving them free access to WWW’s incredible online wardrobe.

If you would like to find out more about becoming a WWW angel, apply online at www.wishwantwear.com/angels, or contact one of the two current Oxford angels: audrey.davies@keble.ox.ac.uk or katherine.skingsley@keble.ox.ac.uk.

We are currently organising a number of events for Hilary Term 2012, including the official Wish Want Wear Oxford launch, and would love to hear from you!



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