A former employee of Varsity Events has set up a rival company called Shuffle Nights.

Toby Baker left Varsity Events over the vac and has taken with him many of the college reps who worked for varsity last term, as well as taking over the official student nights at Lava Ignite and Wahoo.

In a statement to Cherwell, Baker commented, ‘I have stopped working with Varsity because I wasn’t happy with the way the company was going.’

He claimed that ‘the Varsity monopoly has become unhealthy’ and said that he hoped that Shuffle will give students ‘the choice of great nights that they deserve.’

When asked about the two former Varsity nights that he has taken over, Baker stated, ‘I won’t be changing anything about what made the nights so popular, so the average student shouldn’t be affected.’

The management of Lava Ignite declined to comment on their business decisions but insisted that ‘we are going to continue to deliver fantastic parties.’

A spokesperson for Wahoo confirmed that they would now be working with Shuffle Nights and commented that they felt ‘confident and happy with the new team’, adding, ‘If anything the night will improve.’

Shuffle will run new nights on Tuesdays and Thursdays leaving Camera and Bridge in the hands of Varsity Events. The Camera management confirmed that their Tuesday night event, Blues, is still run by varsity but declined to comment on the reasons behind the split. They added that they will continue with ‘business as usual.’

Baker told Cherwell that he did not approach the management of any of the clubs and added that if he was asked to help run a night at Camera, ‘I’ll definitely consider it.’

A spokesperson for Bridge confirmed that it is sticking with Varsity Events and commented, ‘All future Thursday nights will continue to run as the official Oxford University night.’

Shuffle’s new nights include a drum and bass night called Carbon at Thirst Lodge, and a night at The Junction featuring cheap drinks deals. 

Thomas Cole, who was a Varsity Rep last term and will now be promoting for Baker’s new company commented, ‘Shuffle Nights is an intense partying machine and will spare no man in its wrath.’