A Bluffers’ Guide To: Dub Techno


Age? Early-to-mid 90s Berlin and Detroit.

Is it reggae? Nope.

So… it must be techno? Yes!

What is techno? I’ve always wondered. My mother describes it as a ‘racket’, as in ‘turn that racket off’. They don’t play it in Park End, so you probably hate it.

Right, so WTF is dub techno? Techno: four-to-the-floor beat; dub: bass-heavy sounds and a spacious aesthetic.

I think I’m getting it. So I can dance to it? I love dancing so much! It’s the sort of music that when played in most clubs clears the dance floor almost instantly. It’s more of a 6AM sort of sound. Wouldn’t really work in the Oxford clubbing schedule of in the club by 9 and out by midnight.


Check our selection of five bona fide bangers:

‘Reflection I’ – Intrusion

‘Reminiscence’ – Monolake

‘Inversion’ – Basic Channel

‘Nospheratu’ (Echospace Reduction) – Pulshar

‘Mark Ernestus Meets BBC’ – Mark Ernestus


Hear all these tracks, and more, on the accompanying Spotify playlist.


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