Age? Mid-late 1980s. 

Shoe what? The name comes from the characteristically apathetic performance style: staring at one’s feet. 

Sounds pretty miserable. Not really. If anything, it’s typified by lots of guitar effects, with a heavy use of feedback.

Who likes it? Err. Other shoegazers, mostly – hence the name ‘the scene that celebrates itself.’ And, increasingly, clubs of cool kids captivated by M83’s French take on the genre.

Check out our selection of five bona fide bangers:

‘Just Like Honey’ – Jesus and Mary Chain

‘You Don’t Know Her Name’ – Maps

‘Cherry-coloured Funk’ – Cocteau Twins

‘Only Shallow’ – My Bloody Valentine

‘Dead Sound’ – The Raveonettes

Hear all these tracks, and more, on the accompanying Spotify playlist.