The Oxford University Water Polo team sent a trophy around the world rather than allowing the Cambridge team, who beat them in the last Varsity tie, to hold the trophy.

A ‘Cambridge Tab’ newspaper article alleges that “an opportunistic bunch from the Oxford squad made away with the trophy.”

However one member of the Oxford team, Nick Worsley, claims that the move was made to protect the trophy, stating, “Cambridge were awarded the Varsity trophy following their win, however in the exuberance at the unexpected result, they managed to break the base off the trophy. They took the two halves of the trophyto the after-party at Vodka Revs, but amid the confusion they left the top section of the trophy in the club.”

He explained, “We were anxious that such an important piece of water polo memorabilia should not fall into the hands of other thieving Tabs, as it is extremely valuable, and worth over £1,000. We therefore rescued the trophy and chained it to our women’s vice-captain using a gold chain.
“Upon its return to Oxford, the trophy begged not to be immediately returned to Cambridge, telling us that it had always dreamed of seeing the world and had taken an instant dislike to the filthy Tabs. We therefore bought the trophy a round the world ticket, and packed it off at Heathrow airport.

“We posted it back to Cambridge with a number of holiday snaps inside. We had no response from the Cambridge team until a news article appeared in their student paper last week, a typical example of their boring and isolationist nature.”

The trophy took in sights as varied as London, Bedford, San Francisco, Wales and India, before being sent back to Cambridge. The photos show it in famous locations such as Stanford University and London’s Southbank, as well as in front of the entrance of Bangalore University, India and on numerous beaches around the world.

Club treasurer Imogen Pierce said, “I feel we gave this prestigious trophy the world tour and exposure it deserves!

“We were, however equally horrified at the negligence of the Cambridge team to give up the trophy so easily after last year’s game. They are still in possession of one of our match hats, we’d quite like it back, new ones are £18.95.”

The Varsity match is taking place this weekend at Iffley Pool and is apparently going to be an “epic sporting occasion.” Oxford are hoping to regain the trophy and stop it once more slipping into the hands of the “filthy Tabs.”

When asked whether any further travels are planned for the trophy, Nick Worsley replied “Funny you should ask. After all this media attention, I think the trophy might like a bit of R & R. We were thinking maybe a cruise.”