Two words: Diamond heist. Yes you read right, that is what this film is about. In the trailer it’s sold to you as a pacy action epic with a clever weave of plotlines and the kind of acting you can rely on to keep you on the edge of your seat. Unfortunately, the actual film didn’t quite match up.

The movie is about Nick Cassidy, an ex-cop desperate to clear his name after his conviction for stealing a diamond owned by Mr. Englander, an incredibly sinister property developer. And what does Nick Cassidy do to clear his name? Don’t laugh now: our ex-cop enlists the help of his brother and his girlfriend to steal, yes steal, the diamond to prove that Englander had it all along! Meanwhile Cassidy distracts everyone by pretending to be contemplating suicide on a window ledge. Pure genius. Although they put a lot of effort into it: there’s absailing, an explosion (which no one seems to notice) and a rather amusing scene involving a skateboard, this has more the effect of an extended episode of BBC 1’s Hustle than a real action thriller.

The problem is it’s just a little bit to formulaic. We start off with the mystery of the tough quiet escapee, there’s a car chase with a ridiculous stunt which no normal human being would ever survive, the police have no clue what it is going on and in order for the inevitable romance element, the negotiator has to join the ‘suicidal man’ on the ledge!

Despite all this, there were good bits. Regardless of its predictability there were some tense moments in there with Joey Cassidy struggling to execute his brother’s plan, the scene with ‘the jump’ and the shots of the sheer height of that hotel. A balance was provided by the amusing pairing of Jamie Bell (as Joey Cassidy – think Billy Elliot, Tintin, Jumper) and American actress Genesis Rodriguez (as Angie). Fortunately the comedic aspect did not detract from the urgency of the storyline. Also the best move by the makers was to cast Sam Worthington (Avatar, Clash of the Titans, Terminator Salvation) as he embodied the sense of his character’s desperation and soon the audience were all about ‘Team Cassidy’.

Overall a very predictable action movie carried off by a well-chosen setting and a varied cast. Although Worthington played his role well, he should be setting his sights higher. Worth an Orange Wednesday but definitely not unmissable.

3 stars