Age? It’s routed in the kosmische sounds of 70s’ Germany, but there is a lot of great stuff coming out at the moment.

Where? I’ve never heard anything like this. Unfortunately demand far outstrips supply. Most of these songs are released on tape.

Tape? Like cassette tape? It’s not an obsolete format by any means. It’s easy and cheap to produce limited numbers of copies.

How limited? We’re talking anything from one to a hundred copies. The artists run the labels, and tapes are a cheap way of distributing the music all round the world.

Not as cheap as downloads though. True. But the artists all have a sense of love and respect for physical, tangible music – the complete package. 

Check out our selection of five bona fide bangers:

‘Love Triangle’ – HTRK

‘Come Softly’ – Grouper

‘DZAI’ – Lovesliescrushing

‘California Scheming’ – Maria Minerva

‘Cruel When Complete’ – Dome

Hear all these tracks, and more, on the accompanying Spotify playlist.