Product: Lindt Bunny

The golden wrapping, the trademark crimson bow: even the bunny’s clothing is quality. For me, there’s no question that the Lindt bunny is the high point of the Easter season. The chocolate is smooth and creamy, best when dipped in a cup of tea. And at the ripe old age of 21, it seems more acceptable to be cradling this dignified specimen than attempting the impossible task of eating a crème egg elegantly. Perhaps the only criticism is that it becomes a tad monotonous: there’s no shiny prize inside a Lindt bunny. But seeing as it’s the perfect combination of quality chocolate and fashion accessory, I’m willing to overlook that.

Taste : 5/5

Quality of chocolate: 5/5

Apearance: 5/5

Variety: 1/5

Overall: 4


Product: Kinnerton’s ‘Disney Pixar Cars Milk Chocolate Egg and Buttons’

After weeks of casually dropping into conversation my perpetual and unrivaled love for dark chocolate, my mother decided to do what she does best. She looked for the deals. Yes, I could have been honored with the finest in rich cocoa: the Green and Black’s Dark Excellence Egg, complete with sexy gold foil, and organic, almost farmyard but oh so sumptuous aroma. But why bother, when for the same price you can be laden with three Kinnerton eggs that smell like cardboard and taste sicklier than Thursday’s hangover. And on closer inspection of the packaging, of course it is- what with there being double the amount of sugar as to actual cocoa solids. Classy. Still, there was a ‘Lightning McQueen’ wordsearch on the box, which acted as a good distraction away from its disappointing contents. 

Taste: 2/5

Quality of chocolate: 1/5

Appearance 2/5

Variety 3/5

Overall: 2


Product: Guylian Egg & Chocolates

Guylian chocolates are the essence of luxury; the smooth praline sea shells providing the perfect accompaniment to any after-dinner coffee or post-break up pick-me-up. Together with milk chocolate Easter egg, the classic Guylian chocolates are packaged in a handbag shaped box, perfect for those who take pleasure in parading their Easter goodies down the local high street. One drawback however, is that the creamy hazelnut-filled shells can become rather sickly after a while. So, if like me, you are determined to see your Easter egg off in a single over-indulgent afternoon, its best to avoid the Bruce Bogtrotter effect and pace yourself.

Taste: 5/5

Quality of chocolate: 5/5

Appearance: 4/5

Variety: 4/5

Overall: 4.5


Product: Hotel Chocolat

I knew you were an upmarket egg the first time I set eyes on you, but even I was surprised by your (advertised) thickness. Should chocolate be so thick, so delicious, and yet also so spherical? Opening up the casing alone was reminiscent of the Christmas experience. And lo and behold, what was there inside the egg, but many little eggs of interesting and intriguing flavours (a white chocolate mini egg with strawberry paste inside!). The price is, however, formidable and instils a sense of guilt that means a rapid consumption of the egg seems unwise. Nevertheless, the deluxe egg gave me what I craved and expected.

Taste: 4/5

Quality: 5/5

Appearance: 4/5

Variety: 1/5

Overall: 3.5


Product: Thorton’s Bunny

Thornton’s has a bunny to rival the Lindt bunny. He’s called Bramble and he’s delicious. He might not be as ‘classic’ as the gold-clad rabbit Lindt has to offer, but I was still pretty sad to spoil his good looks and bite his ears off. However, I was glad I did; the chocolate is much higher quality than the bog-standard stuff often used to make Easter eggs. It’s smooth and melts in the mouth, though it’s such rich chocolate that it’s impossible to eat in one go – so far Bramble only looks like he’s been in a terrible accident. I’ll be happily snacking through my revision for some time to come (or at least a couple of days…)

Taste : 5/5

Quality of chocolate: 5/5

Apearance: 4/5

Variety: 3/5 

Overall: 4.25


Winner: Guylian Egg & Chocolates