A letter to Cherwell from the parents of Emilie Harris, a former Catz undergraduate who was killed in a cycle accident eight years ago, has detailed the charity work that continues to be carried out in her name.

Following her death in May 2004, a registered charity called ‘Emilie’s Charities’ was established, which now “supports projects involving underprivileged children and young adults in developing countries”.

In addition, her father, Martin Harris, has continued to complete a sponsored ‘Emilie’s trousers’ bike ride, a reference to a pair of trousers his daughter brought back from Bolivia in her gap year. Charity events in Harris’s home village and college have helped ensure that “that her light shines on”, the letter, signed by her parents, explained.

Cycle safety remains a source of concern in Oxford. Earlier this year, Botley Road was identified by safety group Sustrans as one of Britain’s accident hotspots.