New College JCR has voted to support the creation of a lifesize cut-out of one of their students.

The motion, proposed by Joseph D’Urso and seconded by Patrick Edmund, was debated at the New College general meeting last Sunday. It requested that “Mef” (Medhi Badali-Magtalo) have “a permanent reminder of his membership” made and placed in the JCR as he departs on his year abroad.

The motion read, “This JCR notes that Mef is a much loved member of the JCR, and he will be missed when he goes to Russia. Incoming freshers will not know who he is or what he looks like. Even though he is abroad he will continue to be a member of the JCR.

“We need to have a permanent reminder of his membership of the JCR, and a life-size cut out is an excellent way of doing this. Also, this addition to the JCR will make it a more fun and funny place. And seeing as Mef is quite shy and underconfident, this might help him be more sure of himself and give his ego an essential boost.”

In an email to Cherwell, ‘Mef’ said, “I am very flattered by the JCR motion because it gives me a sense of belonging and is a great and welcome boost to my flagging confidence and self-esteem. I am a shy and introverted person and both my friends and I hope that the JCR motion will allow me to be a bit more out-going, although if I am to be honest I would have preferred a marble bust of myself.”

During the meeting D’Urso noted that it was “an egregious use of money”. He added, “It’s feasible that if not we can just do a whip-around and pay for it ourselves.” The cost of the cut out was estimated at £91.62.

The JCR voted not to pay for the cut out, as it was deemed to be too great an expense. However, the idea was lauded and students were encouraged to make personal donations towards the expense.

D’Urso told students, “I’ll post on Facebook. Like it if you’re willing to pledge £3 to contribute.” However, later, he was more pessimistic, telling Cherwell, “I give it a week before someone tears his head off, he’s famously quite rude to people. Our next JCR motion will be to ask for £2,000,000 to lower the mound by 50cm.”