It’s wet, it’s cold, it’s…summer?! The British weather has stayed true to form, and once again we are faced with a very dismal Summer Vacation. Those denim shorts, crop tops, light blouses and floral sun dresses are relegated to the back of the wardrobe, some still with the tags on. So what should we be wearing if we don’t want to risk a mild case of pneumonia?

My advice – fast forward to A/W 2012. Wear those skimpy denim shorts more suited to an exotic week in Mauritius, but warm them up with an oversized sweater, opaque tights, and then finish off the look either with some on trend sporty high tops, or tan brogues with chunky ankle socks popping out over the top.

That sheer blouse can still be worn, just make sure you team it with an oversized beanie hat, insulating bomber jacket, and maybe even bring in a dash of colour (and more layers) with a bright animal print scarf. For those looking for a classier look, try a faux fur stole.

Another way to keep the summer alive but still stay warm is to stick to the maxi length in your skirts. The extra length gives more protection from the blustering winds, but is still a light and fresh nod to summer, especially if you opt for a sorbet lemon à la Keira Knightley as seen in New York a few weeks ago, or a pastel peppermint shade.

Staples for this wardrobe shake-up are a bomber or leather jacket, little black ankle boots or leather brogues, chunky ankle socks and matching hat, and as we near the actual winter period, an oversized woollen coat- think 1940s post-war chic, just two sizes too big. Think on the bright side- these are true investment pieces that will be part of your wardrobe, not just through to winter, but for years to come.

Just because we are lacking summer weather, doesn’t mean we have to forgo style. Wear that sun dress with pride, just with an edgy leather jacket to keep you warm.