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Track Review: Muse – Madness

What is it about Muse that forever keeps us fatally hooked? ‘Madness’ is Muse’s latest slinky, electronic, soft rock offering, the first single to be released from their eagerly awaited, upcoming sixth album 2nd law. The band from Devon has certainly had a packed schedule of late, with the busy promotion and performances of the official London 2012 Olympic Games song: ‘Survival’.

With this new EP, Muse have shifted to a more experimental, minimalistic feel. Bellamy sings of a crazy frame of mind, of a “madness that takes control” and not being able to “get rid of these memories.’ Admittedly, this track is a mellow affair and does not carry the usual anthemic signatures that have been employed by the band on previous smash hits like ‘Supermassive Blackhole’ and ‘Hysteria’, but the overall package is compellingly superb and profoundly entrancing whilst lyrically it breaks no boundaries.

The electronic dubsteplike beats are amalgamated with a hypnotic repetitive bass line hook here, coursing through our veins like dopamine and working effortlessly like caffeine, we are instantly addicted. Bellamy’s mellifluous and sensual delivery is an evocation of the alluded symptoms of a dizzying headstrong emotional whirlpool.

We’ve already caught an exhilarating glimpse of what’s to come in October by Muse. With this offbeat intoxicating number, there’s no vulgar ostentatious showing off present, instead, just commanding first class musicianship. ‘Madness’ can sure supply us with chronic pills of pure musical ecstasy. Thank you very much doctor.

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