Police were called to a house party held by Mansfield second years in Bullingdon Road in Freshers’ Week following noise complaints. They were reportedly joined by an angry local and a TV camera crew.

The arrival of the police, following noise complaints made by neighbouring residents, caused the house party to come to an early end just after 1am on Thursday 4th October.

One Mansfield visiting student, Brendan Caldwell, wrote on his blog, ‘Brendan’s Adventures Across the Pond’, “A man who was reportedly homeless began banging on the front door of the house, demanding we keep it down and tried to pick a fight with several people at the front of the house. At some point he smashed one of the windows at the front of the house.

“Immediately upon leaving the house I found a police officer, a drunk homeless man, and a camera crew. The camera crew was for a BBC documentary being made about a ‘party patrol’ that scours the town of Oxfordshire looking for parties to bust.”

Oxford City Council and police have been working together to target disruptive social behavior with a new “Party Patrol initiative”. A spokesperson for Oxford City Council commented, “A number of complaints were received by the Police about parties on 3rd October. Party Patrol was operating on that particular night and dealt with all calls received.”

A spokesperson for Thames Valley Police said, “I can confirm we received several calls from members of the public about noise coming from a party taking place at a property in Bullingdon Road, Oxford, in the early hours of Thursday 4th October. Police attended just before 1am and the party was wound down within thirty minutes.’

Mansfield Entz Reps, in an email to the JCR, invited all its members to the “traditional freshers house party” as organised by residents in a house on Bullingdon Road. Following the event, they gave a “massive thank you to everyone who lives in Bullingdon Road for a storming house party last night”.

One Entz Rep told Cherwell, “This was one of the few events in Fresher’s Week which Entz reps were not involved in organising.”

One Mansfield fresher, Luke Rollason, said, “I knew about the noise complaint. I’m pretty sure there was an angry homeless guy. There was also an angry neighbour. He was pretty angry.”

Another first year, Tom Babb, added, “It’s just another stellar night from ladtastic Ladsfield”.