He’s known for his per­petual role as bumbling English gent who “uhms” and “erms” every other line. He’s been in People magazine’s ‘Sexiest Men Alive’, alongside the likes of John­ny Depp and Justin Timberlake, but unlike Captain Jack and the self-proclaimed Prince of Pop, Mr Grant was one of us.

During his stint at New Col­lege, Bridget Jones’s antagonist once had his heart set on becom­ing an art historian. But after spending his nights drinking and debauching with the Bull­ingdon-esque Piers Gaveston Society, he failed to achieve the first class degree demanded of the Courtauld Institute, and fell back on acting.

He got his start in Oxford dra­ma in the half-dozen line role of Fabian in a production of Twelfth Night. The pinnacle of his stu­dent drama days was Privileged, his big screen debut on the topic of the bed hopping of Oxford stu­dents (stick to what you know, eh?) which managed to get him spotted by a talent scout. Hughie was a fighter, and overcame the usual setbacks experienced by any emerging student ac­tor – tiresome rehearsals, script fumblings, the ramen soup diet etc. But no hurdle was as monu­mental or as celestial as his role in Hamlet, which was performed entirely in velour Star Trek cos­tumes, with flashy delta logo to match. We’re not sure Mr Spock would approve.

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