1. Buff your lips using a toothbrush and then moisturise them with a lip balm. The bright colour will only enhance any cracks. Wait for a few minutes for it to soak in and then blot away any excess so that your lips are dry to make sure the lipstick stays put after application.

2. Define and fill in your lips with a red lipliner that matches your lipstick. This helps to bring out the colour of your lipstick and prevents bleeding, which is a common problem with bolder colours. Make sure you keep only colour inside your actual lip line – do not go over the edges. Use a clean brush to blend and even out the colour.

3. Using either your finger to lightly apply the lipstick to your lips and then using a brush build up the colour and blend, taking particular care around the edges of your lips. Blot with a tissue and clean up any mistakes with a cosmetic wedge sponge.

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4. Apply concealer around the edges of your lip to further prevent any bleeding and enhance the colour and shape of your lips.

5. Finally, add lip balm to seal the colour and keep your lips looking smooth.


How to Find the Shade for You:

Fair Skin: All skin tones look great with a true red, or compliment paler skin with reds that have pink or blue undertones. Try Revlon Matte in Really Red.

Olive Skin: Flatter tanned skin tones with orangey or tomato reds, like Lady Danger by MAC.

Dark Skin: Darker skin tones look great with plum and berry shades such as this Kate