Tracks of the Week: 9th April


Zomby – W I T H L O V E

If you haven’t been following Zomby’s twitter, you probably should be. Along with chatting the most breeze about  Givenchy and Saint Laurent this side of hurricane Katrina, you can catch him performing a one man job of producing more beef than Tesco. A real spectacle. Well at least he still finds the time to write tunes, as this is a glacially slow jam with some of the best nostalgic vinyl crackle that can be found outside of Burial’s discography. A teaser for the album to come, supposedly out this summer on 4AD.


Deniro Ferrar &  BSBD – This is It (feat. Child Actor)

Production duo Blue Sky Black Death have been consistently sick the past year or two, but this sees them leave famed partner Nacho Picasso for North Carolina rapper, Deniro Ferrar. His somewhat less raspy voice lends itself better to the production, and the Vevo account seems to suggest Ferrar’s got something good going here. Time to sit tight and wait for something that isn’t released on bandcamp. In the meantime, check his single from earlier this year.


Tim Vocals – Next

This is some seriously tight hood R n B. Tim Vocals croons over The Weeknd’s ‘Next’ with a whole lotta heart. What’s more haunting is the context – the lyrics relate to what may or may not be Vocals’ personal problems with the feds, (getting busted for a dime bag – bummer), and the video shows him literally walking to the police station. Real shit. And whilst Tim Vocals’ twitter assures us he’ll be back in a few months, he still stops to ask for something to read.


Lil Durk – Everything All White (feat. Yo Gotti)

Apparently ‘All Black Everything’ is pretty 2012. (Or 2010 in Soulja Boy’s less fortunate case.) Lil Durk’s keepin it fresh with ‘Everything All White’. Only 20 years old and an album coming out at some point this year on Def Jam, Lil Durk looks here to stay. Peep the video at 3:02 for a funny shot of Lil Durk holding a baby. This vid was obviously ripped direct from World Star though, so I guess Lil Durk can’t officially be blown up if it’s not going direct to youtube/Vevo. So, uh, I guess you heard it on the Cherwell first.


Pharmakon – Crawling on Bruised Knees

NY based Pharmakon is the ‘power electronics’ project of Margaret Chardiet, and she’s pretty great at what she does. Which is getting synths to make really loud noises. Fans of melody steer clear. This is 6 and a half minutes of computers sounding like planes crashing. And it’s fantastic if you’re into that sorta thing.


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