Two Oxford University students, Benjamin Morrell and William Heywood, will be taking part in a 24 hour ‘Organathon’ in order to raise money for Christian Aid.

The ‘Organathon’ will take place in Trinity College Chapel between 9am and 9am on the 27th and 28th April (Saturday of 1st week to Sunday of 2nd).

Morrell, senior organ scholar at Trinity, and Heywood, an organ scholar at Harris Manchester, will be playing in 2 hour shifts throughout the 24 hour period.

Each hour will have a theme and some ofthe themes include Bach, French Romantic, hymns, English and improvisation. John Cage’s ‘As Slow As Possible’ will also be played over a two hour period.

When asked why Christian Aid was being supported specifically, Morrell said, “It fits in well with the instrument and setting of the event, as well as being a worthwhile charity which helps to alleviate poverty around the world.”

Morrell describes how he came up with the idea, “I had long hoped to attempt an Organathon as an alternative to continuous running and swimming events I had heard about, but had been persuaded to put the challenge aside until I could find another organist to help share the burden.”

Organs can become damaged if played continuously and hence there will be five minute intervals every few hours. There will be an audience at the 12:00 concert, which is part of the Trinity Parent’s Day programme.

The team hope to raise £500 and donations can be made on their page by Googling ‘Oxford Organathon’.