The first week of Trinity term brings with it the start of lectures, tutorials, and for me a rather different kind of assignment.

To gently ease you in to this series of scandalous sex stories I have decided to focus on foreplay. This however, is a unique slant on foreplay; where thinking out of the box proves to be unimaginably pleasurable.

Feeling a little guilty that I have managed to coerce my guinea-pig of a boyfriend into letting me publish our sex life every week for the next two months, I let him go first this week. An urban myth that we had both been curious to try out is whether or not Altoid mints enhance sensation during blow jobs. So I crunched down on five or so of these über strong fuck-off mints and got to it, sticking to my usual technique, with the only change being the minty sensation.

Well, what can I say. It certainly was no urban myth. The mintyness made him so aroused that every action I made was mind blowing for him. We are certainly on to a winner with this Altoid mint tekkers – less effort for the girls and more pleasure for the boys. Although, Cherwell lovers be warned: my other half has now depleted Tesco on Magdalen Street of their entire stock. and the Sainsbury’s is his next target.

Now for my turn. My boyfriend is exceptionally good at giving head; but I have to admit for most of the time I am so preoccupied that I have no idea what he is doing down there. So I asked him to talk me through exactly what he did to make it feel so good. Apparently he likes to play this game with himself of spelling out the alphabet on my clitoris, and pays attention to the letter which makes me climax every time. I thought this was all rather childish, but I guess if it keeps him entertained whilst I am enjoying myself then it works for me. Once I was aware of this little game I tried to play along too – ‘S’ is particularly arousing.

Only Oxford couples get kicks out of foreplay scrabble…