If you visit Java & Co in Oxford today, you can purchase a coffee – and leave £1.50 in aid of the city’s homeless.

The owners of the coffee shop on New Inn Hall Street cited an Italian tradition of buying ‘suspended coffee’ as their source of inspiration. Customers in a charitable mood would buy their own beverage and pay for a second, a caffè sospeso, to leave behind the bar for someone in need.

Java & Co will not be letting customers offer a coffee for later, but all donations will be given to The Gatehouse, a local homeless charity based in St Giles Church.

‘Suspended coffee’ has recently become an international social sensation. This week (22-28 April) is also Official Coffee Week in the UK.

Cherwell’s Harriet Smith Hughes met the Bowens, owners of Java & Co, to discuss the scheme.

Blurb: Xin Fan