Yesterday evening, as part of their charity week, Merton JCR hosted a
sleep out to raise money towards Oxford Poverty Action Trust (OXPAT) and other charities. They aim to show solidarity with Oxford’s homeless population. 

Students are being sponsored to stay overnight on Merton’s Fellows’ Lawn. OXPAT are a charity run by volunteers in Oxford, which has raised £145,000 since its foundation. 

Oliver Koo, Merton’s charities rep, told Cherwell, “For Merton’s Charity
week last year, the then-Charities Rep organised a Sleep-Out to raise awareness and money, and show solidarity for the homeless in Oxford; this was part of a larger scheme initiated by RAG.

“This year, RAG has not repeated the scheme, but, since it proved to be
successful within Merton last year, I wanted to continue it.”

He continued, “Initially, I was inclined to donate the money raised – each participant has been asked to donate at least £10, either of their own
money or money given as sponsorship by friends and family – towards Merton’s charities.”

The money raised will be divided between OXPAT, Wednesday Soup Kitchen, the Wolvercote Club, and SNNAP and EPA, which were chosen by the MCR and JCR in an annual charities vote.

This will be one in a series of charity events at the college including a promises auction, charity formal, cocktail night and custarding.