Is the sexual frustration that accompanies a long distance relationship all too familiar or can you just not be bothered to trek to your boyfriend/girlfriend’s college for a bit of late night canoodling? Cherwell’s Creaming Spires brings you a play-by-play account of Skype sex; how to do it and how to do it well.

After the Tulisa scandal I have been far too afraid to get my kit off for a partner- what if you become famous and a bad breakup results in a scandalous exposé of you in the form of your young slutty self? But in the name of Cherwell, I swallowed my pride and got my bits out over webcam- something my boyfriend was all too keen to try out.

Initiating Skype sex is incredibly awkward. I’m a confident girl, but even I struggled to seamlessly shift the topic of conversation from my collection marks to my cunt. If I couldn’t do it vocally, I was going to have to use my body language. I ‘accidentally’ slipped a bra strap off my shoulder, at which point my boyfriend raised an all too familiar suggestive eyebrow. From there I jokingly started the strip tease and he followed suit, leaving both of us in the nuddy.

Telling each other what to do was very steamy and really arousing. The only major logistical difficulty was assuming the best/most flattering camera angle. I mean, do you go for a full body shot or a close up? Then there is the worry of someone walking in or overhearing. For some reason, the weirdo on the corridor hearing you Skype sex is much more painfully embarrassing than them hearing you have real sex. There is something quite shameful about the experience, but perhaps that is partly what makes it so exciting and naughty.

I will most definitely be making Skype sex a regular feature of my relationship but with a balaclava to protect my identity when the screen shot activity commences.