On Sunday 5 May, Oriel College dining hall hosted a charity Mission Burrito eating competition. 40 people took part in the event, consisting of eight teams of five hungry students. The event was structured as a relay race, with only one member of each team being able to eat their burrito at one time.

The winning team, “Los Burritos Hermanos”, came from Lincoln College and finished their five burritos in a frighteningly speedy time of seven minutes and five seconds. One member of their team managed to devour their burrito in less than a minute. Eventually University College’s team, “Do You Even Burrito?”, pipped Christ Church’s “Nacho Burrito” to the runner up spot, finishing with respective times of 11:08 and 11:15.

The competition was dominated by all-male teams, but the only all-female team, St Hugh’s “Bin Raiders”, managed to sneak into 7th place ahead of the “Merton Matadors”, finishing with times of 15:31 and 22:55, respectively.

The event was a huge success and raised £205 for the four RAG charities, which were chosen by Oxford students last term. These charities are “Giving What We Can”, “Students Supporting Street Kids”, “The Oxford Food Bank” and “Education Partnerships Africa”.

Ben Rosenbaum, Oxford RAG Vice-President “At times it was pretty disgusting watching people shovel burritos down their throats as fast as they could but it was very entertaining and everyone who took part seemed to really enjoy it.”

“Los Burritos Hermanos absolutely gobbled up the competition but the race for second place was much closer. A huge thanks go to everyone who took part, Oriel for providing such a great venue, and of course to Mission Burrito who provided all the food for free in a feat of incredible generosity.”