Oxford students have been involved in an angry confrontation with religious group UK Repent. The group have been preaching on Cornmarket this week. They held banners which stated that ‘Fornicators, nor Idolaters, nor Adulterers, nor Homosexuals, nor Sodomites, nor Drunkards, nor Revilers’ would enter the kingdom of God.’
They were met by student protesters who disapprove of the religious group’s interpretation of Christian doctrine.
Students gathered on Thursday in what they described as a ‘spontaneous’ reaction to the preachers. One Queen’s student told Cherwell that “[Repent UK] are spreading lies that apparently are about Jesus and claiming that we’re all going to go to Hell and we’re making a stand here and saying that all that you’re talking about is utter lies.” 
Joe Miles, a first year student at Wadham, told Cherwell that he felt that “it’s a good idea to protest against extremism. Obviously, I support their right to speak, but, equally, we’re just exercising ours.”
Some of the protestors held up signs in front of the preachers’ faces. Placards of the protesting students included the slogans: ‘Your body, your mind, your choice’, ‘Adam and Eve, why not Adam and Steve?’ and ‘End Rape Culture’.