An Oxford student has organised a campaign against a Tesco greeting card which allegedly “belittles sexual harassment and perpetuates victim blaming myths.”

The card shows a woman sitting at a desk, with the caption, “Glenys had heard all about sexual harassment in the workplace and deliberately wore a short dress with a plunging neckline to ensure she didn’t miss out.”

Helena Dollimore, a student at St Hilda’s, has organised a petition on which calls for Tesco to remove the card.

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The campaign argues, “Sexual harassment is frequently belittled or made light of – which discourages victims from coming forward and perpetuates the culture of harassment that exists in the UK.”

As of Thursday evening the petition had attracted 501 signatures and is currently aiming at 1000.

A Tesco spokesperson stated, “The card is intended to be humorous, and we hope our customers will take it in the light-hearted spirit in which it’s meant.”

However, Suzanne Holsomback, OUSU VP for Women, stated, “The Tesco card is just not humorous…To make light and joke about harassment minimises that individual’s experience.”

X-Factor winner Steve Brookstein criticised the campaign on Twitter. He tweeted Tesco, “ignore the students Tesco. Commies don’t want any fun. #Censorship.”

A Brasenose student said that “exploitation of sexual capital occurs in the workplace but this is not necessarily gender exclusive. Don Draper is a perfect example of how even men can take advantage of their sexuality without necessarily being objectified.”